Unit VIII Final Project

Final Project

Unit VIII Final Project
Design and submit a detailed proposal for leading a specific area of change within a specific team or organization, using self as an instrument in a way that illustrates your assertiveness for sharing your own perspective as well as empathy to understand others’ perspectives.
Submit a 9-10 page (2700-3000 word) APA-formatted paper with nine APA (level-one) section headers as follows:
 Organization Description 
Area of Change 
The People Involved 
Desired Behaviors 
Change Strategies 
Use of Self 
Theoretical Support 
Social Responsibility of the Plan 
Note: Your work on the Final Project spanned the entire course term (i.e., Phase 1 and 2 preliminary documents were submitted during Units III and IV; you were also asked to note progress of this project in various Discussion Board questions and assignments). Be sure to include these past excerpts in the appropriate sections as you compile and develop the context of each section in this project.
Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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