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Unit 2 individual project


As the lead for the design team project, it is time to create your first mock-up of this interface. Based off of your previously chosen organization from the Unit 1 IP, you will now begin the design. Complete the following:

  • In a Word document of 1–2 pages, describe at least 3 interface design techniques that you will use in your interface design.
  • Create a mock-up interface for the project.
  • Use at least 3 user interface design techniques.
  • Ensure that the interface can track information (e.g., name, aliases, location, nationality, product, price, picture, notes, quantity, street address, etc.). Remember that these will vary based on the organization.
  • The screen should be able to do the following:
    • Open
    • Close
    • Minimize
    • Maximize
  • Submit a screenshot in Word or another application (if functional), and confirm with your instructor that the file type is acceptable if it is not a Word document.


Last Updated on October 3, 2018

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