Software engineering

You are a software engineer from a software development company. Your firm has been contracted by the ABC clothing store to provide a computerised information system to support Sales.

It has been decided that you will use USDP/RUP with UML to carry out the work.

Carry out the following tasks

1. Produce a plan indicating how you might schedule the work of developing the system. Your schedule should clearly be related to delivering the requirements of ABC Stores plc and should reflect RUP/USDP practice.

2. Produce a Use Case Model for the required system – including a Use Case diagram, and High Level Use Case Descriptions for each Use Case. For two of the Use Cases, produce example Expanded Use Case Descriptions.

3. Explain how you would go about producing Communication diagrams from the Use Case model.

Produce two of the required Communication diagrams.

4. Explain how you would produce the Class Diagram.

Produce an Analysis Class diagram showing the domain classes.

5. Explain how you would move forward from this part of the development process. What techniques/products might be produced for the design? Explain briefly the purpose of each.

6 Provide a visual design of a user interface for realization of a chosen use case scenario (using a suitable graphical editor or dummy interface programmed in any programming language)

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