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Unit 1 – Individual Project Licit and Illicit Drugs

lndividual Project Licit and Illicit Drugs

Assignment Objectives Identify psychoactive drugs, the cultural differences in consumption of drugs.

the age and gender differences of drug use, and the historical perspectives of drug use and
abuse.Assignment Guidelines Research the history of drug use, abuse, and addiction as it has

developed over the centuries. Address the following in 750- 1,000 words: Historically, which drugs 5
have had the biggest impact on the world? Explain. Provide examples where appropriate. Which

drugs are most abused today? Explain. What has been the legality of drug use throughout history?
Punishments? Explain. What do you think is best course of action with regard to drug abuse in

today’s world? Why? For example: What types of legislation help heal individuals and families?

What types of legislation increase the problems associated with this issue? You are required to use

at least three (3) legitimate scholarly sources. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Unit 1 – Individual Project Licit and Illicit Drugs

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