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“Drugs of Abuse and The Poly Drug User”

“Drugs of Abuse and The Poly Drug User”
Read about the “7 Drug Categories” on the DRE website. . Using the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” article, and two other sources, write a five (5) page (APA) formatted research paper. Five pages mean five pages of narrative text. The cover page, abstract and resource page does NOT count toward the length of the assignment. Place the page number from the source where the information is located within the cite. If no page, indicate no page. Have a strong thesis statement in the introduction paragraph.

Topic: Select two of the seven drug categories and compare and contrast the following issues: The 2 drug categories I have selected are CNS Stimulants and Narcotic Analgesics.

Compare and contrast drug abuse factors between the two categories

Effects on the human body including symptomology

Identification and packaging

Methods of ingestion

Trafficking trends for the two drug categories

Issues in criminality

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