Underground Metro Project

•Presentation Contents:

1-Introduction to the company a. Size of the company. b. Number of employees. c. Main projects, products or services the company offers. d. Countries of operation.
2- Scope of work a. Description of project in which the student was involved in. [On site location: 2B4 Station, Type of station: Deep underground station (consists of platform, under platform, and concourse), Stage: MEP works.] [Describe in detail what MEP works is] [Will provide more information about 2B4 later] b. Description of tasks completed by the student. [Supervised Lock and tag systems: 1.define what a lock & tag system is 2. See how to create a lock and tag system] [Checked cable tray openings on under platform walls] 4- Schedule log a. Summary of overall timeline during the internship [2 months] 5- Summary of learning experiences*

Asses the trainer:

•Quality of tasks assigned and relevance to your degree of study
•Level of technical difficulty of the tasks assigned
•Mentorship and guidance provided by supervisor
•Adequacy of safety measures used on the job site
•Degree of independence in carrying out tasks
•Degree of professional and ethical responsibility assigned to me
•Overall satisfaction with training experience

Note:- Presentation should be around 10 minutes long

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