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U4 Discussion: Characteristics of Victimization

U4 Discussion: Characteristics of Victimization


In this unit, you have learned about the various responses victims have to experiencing victimization. The study of how individuals react to crime victimization and who may be targeted as a victim is called victimology. This field of study includes an examination of the patterns of behavior which make some individuals more prone to victimization than others. However, it also focuses on the stress, fear, and solitude that may surface after victimization.

View the NIJ video, Justice Advocate (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. It will be important to take notes as you view the video to determine the characteristics criminal justice professionals may need to adapt to when working with victims of crime.


For this discussion, you will be assigned a criminal justice profession to assist with the research process. You must respond based on your assigned category. The assigned category will be utilized to answer three questions for the discussion post.

Category Assignments for the Discussion:

Counselor/ Mental Health Professional


Draft a post which will address the characteristics of victimization and the characteristics of crime victims. Remember to utilize your textbook and another academic resource for your research. Address each question in bulleted format (utilize complete sentences).

  1. Identify two characteristics of victimization. Provide an example for each.
  2. Do you believe that the characteristics of victimization differ from the characteristics of crime victims? Explain your response.
  3. Based on your category assignment for this discussion, describe how we can improve the Criminal Justice System, from the standpoint of your assigned profession, for victims based on the characteristics described in the video scenario. Provide an explanation for your rationale and supporting research.

Be sure to cite your sources in APA format. 1 page. 1+ sources.

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