Trends Issues

  1. Write a post(250 WORDS) about how recreation has and still to this day impacts your lives. Include what types of recreation you were involved in growing up and how that has helped to make you who you are. List some of the benefits you see with recreation.


  1. Passive vs. Active Recreation

Research and define passive and active recreation. Give at least 3 examples of each and give your opinion on which one is more important in today’s society. Also include what types of active and passive recreation you participate in.


  1. Read the article “Why We Need More Play”(ATTACHED DOCUMENT) and type a 1 page summary on the article. In addition to the article summary include your opinion on how society has changed over the years regarding the importance of play. Why the decrease in emphasis on play for children and adults?


  1. Write a 5 page paper that compares and contrasts 3 separate professional jobs in the Recreation and Parks industry. Research different opportunities that exist in the Recreation and Parks world and select 3 areas that you want to focus on. Your paper should have the following included:

Cover Page (not included in the 5 pages)

Introduction – Include 3 areas you are focusing on.

Body – Include comparisons of the 3 areas. Highlight the positives and negatives you see in each position.

Conclusion – Start by briefly outlining your vision for your first job and then discuss if it changed based on your paper/research. Finally, give a personal opinion as to what position you liked the most.

Paper should be APA format


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