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Trend & Issues In Adult Education

Trends and Issues Assignment

100 Points

Objectives and Alignment:

  1. Students will identify a trend or issue in Adult Education worth exploring.
  2. Students will identify the relationship between the field of adult education and that trend or issues.
  3. Students will create an annotated bibliography of essential readings for this trend/issue.
  4. Students will reflect on the role the trend or issue in the future of adult education.

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These assignment objectives align with Course Objective E: Students will be able to describe possible futures of adult education.

Introduction and Description:

The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with some of the different trends and issues that are emerging with adult education. Also, to have you think about what the future of adult education may look like given these trends or issues.


Your assignment is to identify ONE trend or issue in adult education. This could be anything as long as it is timely (meaning within the last few years). For those who get stuck, I will provide a list of potential trends and issues to explore.

As you explore your identified trend or issue, you will need to gather at least five resources of essential readings that contextualizes the trend or issue in adult education. The connection between the trend and issue and adult education should be fairly clear (if it doesn’t state “adult education”, but discusses adult education concepts that is fine). With those five resources, you will need to create an annotated bibliography using APA format following the format provided by the Purdue OWL site.

Provide a reflection on your exploration of the trend and issue. Think of this as a brief summary. Please describe what it is, why it is important, how it connects to the field of adult education, and speculate as to what this may mean for the future of adult education (support your argument!). Be thoughtful about this.

There are two options for the reflection:

  1. Written Reflection. Ideally, this would be no more than 1-2 pages. When citing resources, be sure to use APA Style Manual, 7th.
  2. Video Reflection Presentation. Instead of writing your reflection, you are welcome to make a short 5-10 minute video presentation (including slides)answering the reflection prompt. References again should be using APA Style Manual, 7th edition.

Last Updated on December 4, 2020

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