Topic Description & Working Bibliography

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For this research project you will explore indigenous peoples’ experiences with injustice/oppression and their civic engagement efforts to bring about justice for their communities, and indigenous peoples in general. Specifically, you will select various indigenous peoples from the list below (I have selected Cherokee, Quechua, and Ladakhi) and, in a comparative manner, examine their experiences of injustice and their civic engagement responses to them. Your research project will address the following core question through a series of four progressive assignments: a research proposal, position essay, final research paper, and final research paper revision (detailed below).

Has indigenous peoples’ civic engagement been successful in minimizing or ending their injustice/oppression?

Ultimately, therefore, you will compare and contrast various indigenous peoples’ experiences with oppression/injustice and their respective civic engagement efforts.

The Working Bibliography, a minimum of 15 sources, is a preliminary list of sources to be consulted for your research. You are not expected to have read the material at this point. Rather, this is a bibliography of specific sources – not just URLs or homepages of websites – that you think are going to be relevant for the project. There needs to be a balance between the following types of sources.

i. scholarly/refereed sources (at least 5)

ii. reliable news media

iii. films/documentaries/videos

iiii. primary and secondary sources – including potential interviews

Finally, you should review required course material that may be relevant for your project based on the indigenous peoples, regions, and topics that you have identified.

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