Computer Science Research Project

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  • Select an organization – requires the approval of the professor
    • Dr. Lederer will ask about the organization’s market segment, stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, board), competition, business characteristics, strategic goals (objectives, mission, vision), and current ERM situation (if the information is available).
  • Prepare a problem statement – this requires the approval of the professor before moving forward.
    • A problem statement speaks to what is lacking or missing or to what you intend to research.
  • Prepare a solution paper for the senior executives of the company who will be the decision-makers regarding whether to sponsor and support the ERM project.
  • The solution paper must include an abstract of the proposed ERM solution, an introduction, the problem statement, background to provide the reader with an understanding of the topic and organization, a risk profile inclusive of likelihood and impact, review of research that supports your recommended solution(s), your proposed solution(s), the ERM framework(s) upon which your solution is based, a summary/conclusion, and a reference list of at least 25 sources (at least 20 of which are peer-reviewed journal articles).
  • Risks to be considered must include strategic, compliance, operational, reputational, and competitive.
  • The document must be at least 15 pages excluding the title page and references.
  • APA style and formatting is expected.
  • The title page must include the name of the group, the title of the paper, and the name of each group member.


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