To be Gay in Black America

To be Gay in Black America

How to Organize Your Literature Review:

Your literature review will be approximately 10-12 pages long, not including the title page and references. You will cite at least 10 refereed scholarly journal articles. In addition to citing at least 10 refereed scholarly journal articles you may cite any additional material.

Here is a rough idea of how to organize your paper:

Page 1: Title For ex.: “Girls and Sex Trafficking

Page 1: Abstract One paragraph that summarizes your main points.

Page 2: Introduction Introduce your three sub-points

Pages 3-5: Sub-point 1* For ex.: “The History of Girls and Sex Trafficking”

Pages 6-8: Sub-point 2* For ex.: “U.S. Law and the Sex Trafficking of Girls”

Pages 9-11: Sub-point 3* For ex.: “Girls and International Sex Trafficking”

Page 12: Conclusion Summarize your three sub-points

Page 12-13: References Cite references using APA style


*Please divide your paper into 3-5 CLEARLY TITLED SUB-POINT SECTIONS

Please use 12 font and APA style formatting.

To be Gay in Black America

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