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International relations constructivism theory critique analysis

Critiquing an International Relations theory (I CHOSE CONSTRUCTIVISM AS THE THEORY TO CRITIQUE SO PLEASE DO PAPER ON THAT) through the utilization of two recent scholarly articles
The paper analysis will be graded based on the following criteria:
o Title Page
• Catchy title
• Your name
• My name: M. Allen Coson
• Course name: POSC 124
• Due date:
o Abstract
• One page summary of your entire paper
o Introduction
• Which theory did you choose? Why?
• What are the assumptions of this theory?
• Why did the authors choose this theory as well?
• Do the authors predict success/failure applying this theory?
• Why do you think it was very important for the authors to research and write their articles?
o Literature Review
• What have the authors researched and written about the success/failure of this theory?
• Where else have the authors looked to in formulating their arguments?
• Have previous studies been researched or is this a new phenomenon?
• Are the authors’ arguments accepted/rejected in the field?
• How about in the general public?
o Implication
• What are the specific hypotheses and what are the dependent and independent variables (if any)?
• What are the authors trying to prove?
• Are there strong/weak correlations with the variables chosen?
• Is there hypothesis simple (common sense) or complex (unrealistic)?
• What is/are the key finding(s) of the study?
• What do the authors imply from their study?
• What do they claim to be significant?
o Discussion
• What do the authors explain about their analyses?
• Do they agree/disagree that it is significant/insignificant?
• What have the authors expressed in improving their studies for future researches?
• Do you feel that they were satisfied/dissatisfied with their results?
• How would you analyze their findings-legitimate or illegitimate?
o Further Recommendation
• What inputs can you think of that can improve the authors’ articles and research?
• Are there any correlations with other variables?
• How would you approach this study under your guidance and supervision?
• Do you believe that you will share similar conclusions/ different results with the authors? Why or why not?
o References
Please use American Psychological Association (APA) formatting style by providing a title page and an abstract. Also, cite all references in your Reference page.
(Note: title page, abstract, and reference page(s) do not count for the required 4-5 pages expected in your submission).

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