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John Mackey, Cofounder and Co-CEO of Whole Market, Believes in “Conscious Capitalism” (pp. 29 & 30)

1.What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Whole Foods? Explain.

2.How does Whole Foods build human and social capital?

3.Where would you locate Whole Foods on Carroll’s global corporate social responsibility pyramid in Figure 1-3? Explain.


4.Which of the seven moral principles in Table 1-4 appear to be in force at Whole Foods? Explain.

5.What factors would be an appeal to working at Whole Foods?

Part 2

Please respond to each student 200 word count

Original question- Discuss assignment: Organizational Behavior is such a fun course with so many topics that are relevant for you and your workplace. Chapters one and two are great starting points for this journey with topics like human and social capital, skills required for managers, Archie Carroll’s pyramid of social responsibility, managerial ethics, and diversity! For your discussion post, I want you to discuss your AHA moment from the chapter.

The “AHA” moment is a moment of sudden insight or discovery;

Student 1 Candance

“A key factor in an organizations success is acknowledging that human relations play a major role (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013)”. In this discussion, I would like to discuss communication barriers between patients and healthcare professionals and strategies to improve communication. Ineffective communication is one of the most challenging issues at my place of employment. I work in a large multi-specialty practice that has specialties located in different areas in West Tennessee. To make matters more interesting, I work in a department that is in two different locations.

Daily I receive calls or see patients who have been to the wrong location prior to their office visit, have issues experiencing call drops during transfer to get medication refills, test results, or general questions answered. By the time the patient arrives or talks to a nurse, they are tired, confused and discouraged. “Patients who are not pleased with the efficacy and service provided during their care may alter effective communication between staff causing overall dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is important that all efforts be taken to eradicate communication barriers (Amoah, Anokye, Boakye, Acheampong, Budu-Ainooson, Okyere, Afriyie, 2019)”.

Although communication is a common issue in healthcare, there are several strategies I would like to share during my “AHA moment” to rectify these common issues. It is imperative that employees focus on effectively communicating interpersonally and electronically to enhance effective communication to improve the healthcare experience for patients. “Failure to communicate is considered one of the most problematic issues in healthcare”. It is important that the healthcare team advocate and find helpful ways for patients to be a part of the healthcare system by actively participating in their healthcare.

An interesting tool that can be useful is the Electronic Health Records (EHR) to follow their health with proper documentation and privacy measures taken. This is an excellent way for the patient to effectively communicate with their provider, access their chart and request refills without staying on hold, scheduling an office visit and saving co-pays. “Online access to EHR provides 24/7 access to records, online services, facilitates communication which improves a patients’ experiences (Mold, Ellis, de Lusignan, Sheikh, Wyatt, Cavill, Jones, 2012)”. “ Quality care and methods to advocate patient safety should be the priority of all health professionals and the success is dependent by the entire healthcare team (Thomson, Outram, Gilligan & Levett-Jones, 2015)”.

Student 2 Leticia,

My AHA moment that stood out from the two unit chapters would be the information about diversity. Diversity can be described as people of different ethnicity that have existing differences and similarities amongst one another (Kreitner and Kinicki, 2013). I am a black woman that graduated from Bethel University with my Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in healthcare management, but I chose to get my MBA in HR Management.

The Bethel Recruiter said I will be very diverse when I graduate with my MBA. Black women and Latina women have been successfully improving in higher education but there are still some existing barriers and challenges. The black males and other ethnic groups have been less successful in the diverse programs, but the black males seem to do better in community colleges (Turner, 2013). People need plenty of education and training in order to compete and maintain a good job in the workforce.

In 1999, the white students had higher social and academic self-appraisal than the other ethnic groups such as Blacks and Asians of the first year college students (Gasser, 2013). Some community colleges are not-for-profit institutions. Most students attend community college to take career or technical courses and they have more nontraditional students than a four year college. Students are being more diverse attending different colleges and taking online courses from multiple colleges at a time (Guthrie, 2016).


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