The Three Budgets

write a paragraph for each point:

1- (The Three Budgets)

On page 429, White talks about three different budgets. How are they all related? Failure in which one of these causes the most bankruptcies?

2- (Most Important Functions of Finance System)

Exhibit 13.1 in White has a very extensive list of functions and activities of the Finance System. I have worked in various areas of healthcare finance for over thirty years and I could pick one or two of these that I thought was the most important thing I did for the organization? Which one, two, or three activities do you think might be the most important? Why?

3- (Which failure would lead to firing the CFO?)

Look one more time at Exhibit 13.1. Failures in which of these activities do you think are most likely to get a CFO fired? Why?

4- (Healthcare and the Four P’s of Marketing)

How do the complexities of the healthcare environment affect the “Four P’s” of marketing?

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