The European Union and NAFTA

The European Union and NAFTA

Project description

Considering the socio-political background of the EU and NAFTA , TAFTA


– 5 types pages(double-spaced)

– save as .doc

– margins should be set at 2.54 cm from the all sides

– Font: Time New Roman

– Size: title(14 points)and subtitles (12 points) are in bold. Body text (12 points) and footnotes (10 pounts) are not in bold.

– Footnotes , restricted to references that do not normally fit in the text, are placed ar the bottom of the page.

– All abbreviations or acronyms must be explained in full at least once in the document

– References (e.g. authors) in the text are placed in brackets.

– A bibliography or list of references must be indicated in alphabetical order at the end of the assignment (Harvard References)

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