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Assignment, Sociology

Assignment, Sociology


Project description

PART 1: Read Chapters 10 & 11.

1. Compare the social construction of Gender with the social construction of race? What are the differences and/or similarities?

2. What are some of the more salient effects of gender and racial inequality in the U.S? What are some reasons these continue in society?


Read Chapter 12.

1. How do both cultural and socioeconomic factors contribute to the following trends: later age of first marriage, the increasing number of extended family households, and the “boomerang generation”? 2. If your parents were to arrange a marriage for you, what kind of mate would they choose? Would your chances of having a successful marriage be better or worse than if you selected your own mate?

Part 3:

Read Chapter 13.

1. Use your sociological imagination: Imagine that the social support that religious groups provide is suddenly withdrawn from your community. How will your life or the lives of others change? What will happen if religious groups stop pushing for social change?

(p.s you dont have to use the book please get references from where you get your information)

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