The collapse of the Hypo Real Estate

The collapse of the Hypo Real Estate during the global financial crisis: causes and consequences

– History of Hypo Real Estate (HRE) crisis (what happened?)

– Reasons for the collapse (why did it happen?)

– Who to blaim? (who is responsible?)

– Actions of the government to "save" HRE? -> Nationalisation

– Why has HRE not been liquidated/ why no liquidation of HRE? (what happened/ did not happen after the crash?)

– Characteristics of a systemic bank? When and why is a bank systemic/ system-relevant? Comparison to current market? (when is a bank getting/ not getting saved?)

– How to avoid another crash in the future? (HRE/ in general?)

– How should regulatory requirements/ requirements about regulations be changed? (Future outlook)

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