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The Black Panther Party Platform

  Assignment 8-The Black Panther Party Platform –  The American Past: From 1865 1/1
For this short writing assignment, you will be examining the political program of the Black Panther Party, perhaps the
most prominent group operating within the Black Power Movement. After reading this document, please respond to the
following questions.
1. How does this program compare to the program of the mainstream Civil Rights Movement?
2. What arguments are made as to why African-Americans should have their own, separate institutions?
3. Why, by the late 1960s, did Black Power programs such as these begin to find resonance with African-Americans?
You will respond to these questions in a page or so double-spaced written response. When you’re finished, please attach
a copy in the Dropbox under Assignment 8. This will be due before class on Thursday April 12. Please let me know if you
have any questions.

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