The Age of Consequences Assignment

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Be sure to read Making Arguments I before completing this discussion and watch the documentary, The Age of Consequences, at the address below; do set of viewing questions.   Click here ( The Age of Consequences, Viewing Set ) to download a set of those questions.  Remember: Conclusions must be typed in blue font and appear at the very END of your argument all semester long (two sentence length or less only)!  

Your discussion forum response is a reply to the question below.  Do NOT post your responses to the viewing set questions here. 

Documentary, The Age of Consequences (Links to an external site.)

The consensus of the American security experts interviewed for the documentary is that climate changes are occurring and that a certain amount of change is already built in and will continue to occur over the course of our lifetimes.

Many places in the documentary describe large-scale displacements of people due to changing climate factors where millions and tens of millions of people have been forced to re-locate to secure food and water.  The experts unanimously point out the de-stabilizing effects of these mass migrations for the countries who receive them.

The Age of Consequences Assignment Question

Do we have an ethical obligation to assist people caught up in these large-scale movements of people to help them secure the basic necessities of food, water, and a secure way of life.  Why or why not? 200 words.

Click on and read  Making Arguments, Conclusions   before completing this week’s discussion assignment.   

Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.

Week 1 begins with 100:


Do the postings show consistent attention to rules of grammar, spelling and proper citation?

Argument (reply to forum question):

Did the main argument give reasons that were connected to one another and then did these reasons have a connection to the conclusion?  Did the main argument show good development?


Was the conclusion written according to week 1 directions with font made blue and restricted to two sentences or less?

The Age of Consequences, Viewing Set “We must contemplate some extremely unpleasant possibilities simply because we want to avoid them.”

Conflict 1. What climate factor and what crop created local support for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

  1. What climate factor frames the civil war in Syria? When did the climate event begin? How many people were displaced by it? How much did Syrian cities grow in that period? Was the drought in the region due to climate change?
  2. What did ISIS promise to those who were displaced in the Syrian region? What resource fear

drives ISIS strategy?

Instability 4. What climate factors caused the conflict in Somalia in the early 90s?

  1. Around 2000 who began to recognize the connection between climate change and national security? What was the name of the 2003 Pentagon study that announced the policy change?
  2. What group composed of Generals from all five services has changed the government’s conversations on climate change? When did they release their initial study? Do they continue to support this policy direction?
  3. What is the Quadrennial Defense Review? What has it concluded about climate change?

Unrest 8. In 2010 what happened to the wheat crop in Russia, Ukraine and China? What were the

consequence of the climate event?

  1. What effect did Russian cut off of wheat exports have on Egypt? Did the consequences of this situation factor into the Arab Spring uprisings?

Capacity 10. Does the National Security Strategy include climate change among the top eight threats to

national security? What climate event provides an example of the collapse of US infrastructure?

  1. What does Norfolk VA house? What climate factor seriously threatens it? How often does the US military receive a request for help due to climate change?
  2. What happened to state structures during the 2005 Katrina aftermath?

Poverty 13. On what assumption is society built?

  1. What has been happening in Darfur Sudan since 2003? What has happened to Lake Chad? How many people depend on it? What group has taken advantage of the region’s climate-related instability?
  2. What are countries like China doing to secure arable land in West Africa?

Migration 16. How many people do UN agencies estimate have been displaced by climate factors?

  1. What region is experiencing a migration crisis caused by instability in Syria and the Middle East?
  2. Is there a status called climate refugee under international law? Is this omission deliberate?

Collapse 19. What does sea level rise mean for Bangladesh? How many people will be displaced by a one

meter sea level rise there? What has India done to Bangladesh? Why has it taken this action?

Dependency 20. What does the US spend a lot of time projecting power to protect? Why?

  1. How much natural gas and oil reserves are the Arctic Circle?
  2. What does the US capacity for military projection entirely depend on?
  3. What is the Department of Defense currently investing in?

Adaptation 24. Define energy independence?

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