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Testing For Correlation And Bivariate Regression

6210 Week 8 Assignment: How To Complete The Week 8 Assignment

Review the Week 8 Course Materials

Use the Afrobarometer (AB) dataset for this assignment.

Identify an independent variable (IV) and state its Level of Measurement. The IV must be interval or ratio.

Identify a dependent variable (DV) and its Level of Measurement. The DV must be interval or ratio.

Write 2 research questions: question 1 is for a Pearson correlation and question 2 is for a bivariate regression. Use these formats:

  1. What is the relationship between the IV (use the IV name) and the DV (use the DV name)?
  2. Does the IV predict the DV?

Write a null hypothesis for RQ 1 and a null hypothesis for RQ2. Use these formats:

  1. (HO1) There is no relationship between the IV and the DV.
  2. (HO2) The IV does not predict the DV.

Open the AB data set, select Analyze, select Correlation, select Bivariate, drag an interval or ratio DV into the Variables box, drag an interval or ratio IV into the Variables box, click Continue, click OK.

Review the Sig. value in the Correlation output and decide to reject or fail to reject HO1. If you reject the HO1:

  1. Report the Pearson correlation, , and explain its meaning in terms of the direction of the relationship positive (direct) or negative (inverse).
  2. Report the strength (effect size) of the relationship. For a correlation the strength of the relationship is measured by the Coefficient of Determination = the Pearson correlation squared or

[Very important note: if you fail to reject the null hypothesis, return to the data set and identify 2 new interval or ratio variables that are likely to be significantly related and run a new correlation.]

Since your Pearson correlation is significant, run a regression analysis to test HO2:

Select Analyze, select Regression, select Linear, drag the DV to the Dependent box, drag the IV to the Independent(s) box, click okay.

Examine the Sig. value in the ANOVA output and make a decision to reject or fail to reject HO2. If HO2 is rejected, write the regression equation. Here’s how:

Examine the Coefficients output and identify the Constant value under Unstandardized Coefficients in column B and the coefficient value directly below the Constant value. Write your regression equation in this format:

DV = Constant value + IV(coefficient value), but substitute the names of the IV and DV and the actual Constant value and coefficient value.

6210 Week 8 Discussion How to Critique a Journal Article

Note: This assignment is basically the same as the Week 7 Discussion, except it requires a research article that reports with a bivariate correlation analysis.

Warning: find an article that uses bivariate-that is only 1 IV and only 1 DV-correlation.

Do not report on multiple regression, or multivariate analysis or logistic regression


  1. Select a quantitative article from a peer-reviewed journal that reports on research that uses a bivariate correlation analysis for statistical analysis.
  2. Write a critique:

State that the researchers used a bivariate correlational analysis and explain why or why not that choice is correct.

Explain why the researchers chose a bivariate correlational analysis. Do this by writing and examining the RQ, null hypothesis, IV and DV:

The RQ should address a relationship between the DV and the IV.

Both the IV and the DV must be continuous.

  1. Discuss the data display (datasets, charts, graphs, etc.): Hint; if the display requires a written explanation it should not be in the article.
  2. Discuss if the data stand alone:

Review the results section for statements that reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis and/or state statistical significance has or has not been achieved.

If the statement(s) are supported by the statistics, then the data ‘stand alone.’ If the statement(s) are not supported by the statistics then the data do not ‘stand alone.’

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