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Telecommunications and Network Security: Project Documentation

Telecommunications and Network Security: Project Documentation

The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the public called Acmephone, a more secure version of the phone to business organizations, called the Acmephone B+, and highly secure version of the phone, called the Acmephone G+, to the government. Due to the fear of corporate espionage and government security requirements, there are many security concerns that must be addressed. As a security professional, you have been employed to design a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati based upon the following specifications:
1. There needs to be a constant connection between the two locations that can carry at least 50 Mbps of data.
2. Each facility has three floors. The buildings are rectangular with each floor being 350’x350’.
3. There will be 200 network connections on each floor with an additional 100 network connections in the data centers located on the third floor of each building.
4. The primary data center will be located at the Atlanta location.
5. There will be a failover data center at the Cincinnati location.
6. Each location should be protected from intrusions that are not limited to state change attacks.
7. The Atlanta location will house the two secure development teams. As such, it will need the most security. To further complicate the design, there will be database servers and the corporate Web servers housed at that location as well.
8. There will be database servers located at the Cincinnati site.
9. The servers must have redundancy.
10.The solution must have a plan to verify security measures.
You should include following sections in your document
◦ Abstract: Describe the problem and the solution you presenting (few lines)

◦ Introduction: In this section, you will introduce the project and the objectives of the project including executive summary.
◦ Requirement Analysis: In this section, you will discuss the requirement
◦ Design: You need diagrams, charts, pics, etc..
◦ Implementation: diagrams, charts, and possibly screen shots
◦ Testing (optional): You can present your data testing in this section
◦ Cost analysis: Estimated cost (you can use the internet to get pricing). Make sure to include labor cost in your analysis.
◦ Conclusion: Summary, lesson learned, future work, etc..
◦ References, citations and biblography

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