Network Security Plan Project Assignment


Network Security Plan Project Assignment

The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sell their new phone to the public

called Acmephone, a more secure version of the phone to business organizations, called

the Acmephone B+, and highly secure version of the phone, called the Acmephone G+,

to the government. Due to the fear of corporate espionage and government security

requirements, there are many security concerns that must be addressed. As a security

professional, you have been employed to design a network infrastructure for their two

campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati based upon the following specifications:

1. There needs to be a constant connection between the two locations that can carry

at least 50 Mbps of data.

2. Each facility has three floors. The buildings are rectangular with each floor being


3. There will be 200 network connections on each floor with an additional 100

network connections in the data centers located on the third floor of each building.

4. The primary data center will be located at the Atlanta location.

5. There will be a failover data center at the Cincinnati location.

6. Each location should be protected from intrusions that are not limited to state

change attacks.

7. The Atlanta location will house the two secure development teams. As such, it

will need the most security. To further complicate the design, there will be

database servers and the corporate Web servers housed at that location as well.

8. There will be database servers located at the Cincinnati site.

9. The servers must have redundancy.

10. The solution must have a plan to verify security measures.

Your job is to develop a network design to meet the requirements above.

1. You should submit a network drawing listing the network’s topology including

any necessary hardware.

2. You should list any recommended cable.

3. You can recommend wiring closets wherever you need them.

4. You should recommend ways to assure that you are not getting attacked.

5. You should build traps to stop attackers.

6. You should recommend any WAN or wireless technologies.

7. You should recommend any technology needed in the data center for high


8. Justify your recommendations.

Paper formatting requirements:

Your paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-

point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. You should have at least 10 pages,

not including Title and Reference pages. Please include appropriate diagrams and images

for your network security plan. All academic sources must be cited using the latest APA

guidelines. Section and Sub-section headings should be used throughout the paper. Please

review APA guidelines here: for


For in-text citations, the citation needs to go inside the end of the sentence. For

example: This is my sentence on APA formatting (APA, 2016).

For references, this list should start on a new page at the end of your document

with a hanging indent (the title of the page should be References). You do not

need to include the retrieved date. Here are some examples:

Smyth, A. M., Parker, A. L., & Pease, D. L. (2002). A study of enjoyment of peas.

Journal of Abnormal Eating, 8(3), 120-125. Retrieved from

Bernstein, M. (2002). 10 tips on writing the living Web. A List Apart: For People Who

Make Websites, 149. Retrieved from

De Huff, E. W. (n.d.). Taytay’s tales: Traditional Pueblo Indian tales. University of

Pennsylvania. Retrieved from

Start your paragraph with an indent (tab).

Use section and sub-section headings

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