Historically, we can see how science and technology has progressed along different paths. As society has advanced, the separation between the two has not been so black and white. Consider how technology stimulates scientific discovery and vice-versa, and what happens when science and technology interact. The relationship between the two is neither sequential nor linear and technological advance can occur in the absence of science. Throughout history we’ve also seen that the advancement of science and technology in a society is not necessarily based on the merit of its development. There are many factors and human elements involved that influence the development, selection and use of these advancements. Technologies are social creations and any attempt at understanding why particular technologies are successful must take into account their social context.

After reading the module notes and all supplemental materials, pick an up-and-coming technology or scientific discovery that interests you that has been introduced in the last decade. Keeping in mind cultural factors (social values/priorities, politics, economy, technology, regulation, etc.) answer the following:
•Give a brief background on your subject of research. Is your subject purely science or technology? What is the basis of your decision?
•Has science had an impact on the development of this technology? If so, what sciences and how?

•Has technology had an impact on this scientific breakthrough? If so, what technologies and how?
•What social factors have had a hand in the development of this technology or scientific breakthrough? Based on these factors, do you think it has a future?
•What could be done to advance its progress?

Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited.

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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