Risk management plan for Selecting the location of Amazon’s 2nd Headquarters

Prioritize the risk by performing Qualitative Risk Analysis of the following Negative and Positive identified risks:

5 Negative Risks
-Company goes over allocated budget
-Local, State, or federal Regulations
-Unpredicted Failures or relay in materials or communicate, which will have issues with dependencies
-Natural Catastrophes
-Accidents of any kind. This will cause a halt in the operation of the project.
-Scope does not go as planned, Scope Creep.

5 Positive Risks
– Company goes under budget as planned
– Majority of the coding / network infrastructure can reused in the new headquarters
– Majority of the blueprint can be reused in building the new amazon headquarters
– Expansion of new Headquarters may bring more jobs to the new region
-Ending project before the delivery date.
-Team members can train other team members that would reduce time within the project.

Last Updated on January 24, 2018