Talent Management Strategies



  1. There are 2 COMPULSORY QUESTIONS that you have to answer in this assignment.


  1. In order to do well in this assignment, you are encouraged to support your analysis, points and recommendations with research.



  1. Cite your references in standard format.



  • Do take note this is an important assignment and has to be submitted on time.
  • It involves Human Resource Management as a base, please take up only if you have background knowledge on HRM.
  • Many strategies & HRM methodologies has to be illustrated.

Part A: Desk-Top Research Component (50 marks)


Question 5


Conduct desk-top research on an innovative company that has a culture of knowledge sharing.  Examine the key talent management strategies and organisational cultural features of the organisation and analyse why knowledge sharing is taking place in the company.


Word limit: 1000 words

(25 marks)


Question 6


Based on your research, provide some insights as to how organisations can truly become a learning organisation.


Word limit: 1000 words

(25 marks)


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