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Matlab Assignment (Individual) This assignment is created as for the fulfillment of the Criterion 7 of ABET accreditation criteria. Part 1. (Highlighted “As a first example”) Use Wz(power dissipated in the diode) to duplicate Fig – 28. Draw density functions for Vs and Wzbased on the problem descriptions Use Matlab to evaluate E[Wz] Use Matlab …

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Part I Prepare: Prior to completing this discussion question, watch the TED video titled “Martin Seligman: The New Era of Positive Psychology (Links to an external site.)” and read this excerpt (Links to an external site.) from Dr. Seligman’s book titled Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being from his website, Authentic Happiness (Links to an external site.). In addition, read the …

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How the film Thelma & Louise illustrate the female outlaw trope

In what ways does the film Thelma & Louise illustrate the female outlaw trope? Choose one character to analyze. Incorporate actions/themes/scenarios, etc. that establishes and legitimizes her transition from the domestic sphere to outlaw status. (A+) = Synthesis and analysis: Shows thoughtfulness and independent thinking by developing response beyond lecture, readings, discussion.; Two specific and relevant examples …

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