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Formula of Universal Law and Formula of Humanity

This discussion will require you to have carefully read Chapter 4 of the textbook, as well as the assigned portions of Immanuel Kant’s (2008) Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals. Kant’s text and the textbook discuss two “formulations” or ways of expressing Kant’s Categorical Imperative, the “Formula of Universal Law” and the “Formula of Humanity.” …

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Geology assignment

As you read the article, answer the following questions. Write down your answers. We will address this article and these questions in class, so be prepared to answer and discuss any of these questions!   Questions: (some are definitely more important than others…)   What does EGSP stand for, and why was the EGSP initiated? …

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Family and Community Characteristics

Part 1: Family and Community Characteristics Create a family questionnaire/list of questions to gain a better understanding of families and their community. Your questionnaire/list of questions should, at a minimum (15 questions), address the following: socioeconomic conditions; family structures (single parent, divorced, etc.), relationships, stresses, supports, the family size, the household members, the roles of …

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