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Operations Management – Frito Lay Case Study

This assignment is intended to improve your understanding of the concepts presented in Chapter 1 and to help you understand the application of these concepts to organizations.

Frito-Lay has 38 plants and 48,000 employees in North America. Operations is the focus of the firm from designing products to meeting changing customer preferences to adjusting to rising commodity cost to subtle issues involving flavors and preservatives. OM is under constant cost, time, quality, and market pressure. This is a look at how the 10 decisions of OM are applied at this food processor.

Hard Rock Café has grown from a modest London pub to a global power managing over 150 cafes, 13 hotel casinos, and live music venues. This puts Hard Rock Café in the service sector that employs almost 75% of the people in the U.S. Unique challenges face this global organization with over 100,000 meals served every day. In this video case, see how Hard Rock Cafe is driving productivity and quality within its worldwide organization.

Review both the Frito Lay and Hard Rock Café video cases and then answer these questions…

  1. From your knowledge of production processes and from the case and the video, identify how each of the 10 decisions of OM is applied at Frito-Lay
  2. How would you determine the productivity of the production process at Frito-Lay
  3. How are the 10 decisions of OM different when applied by the operations manager of a production process such as Frito-Lay versus a service organization such as Hard Rock Cafe (see the Hard Rock Cafe video case) Note: You must watch the Hard Rock Café video also in order to contrast the difference between service and production sectors that is referred to in question 3


Frito Lay Operations Video:

Hard Rock Operations Video:

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