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Analysis of Tim O’Brien’s novel and Wilfred Owen’s poem

English Essay #4 You’ll write a 2-3 page, typed, MLA-formatted essay in which you analyze the author’s perspectives on war depicted in Tim O’Brien’s novel, The Things They Carried and Wilfred Owen’s poem, Dulce et Decorum est. That means you’ll compare and contrast writer’s O’Brien and Owen’s perspective on war as their written works illuminate …

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William Shakespeare’s sonnet 18

Objective: Argue the nature of performance and its necessity. What does this mean? You need to argue if performance is really necessary for drama to be drama. Sources: At least one play from our anthology Outside Sources: None Length: 5 pages Format: MLA ___________________________________________________________________ Drama is literature given breath, words with motion and movement. Drama …

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Segmenting Canadian society

Literature Review Choose a segment from Canadian society (current) (segments are identifiable demographic, psychographic, geographic parts of society) and identify and discuss one (recent) trend relevant to that segment.    How will you discover a trend? You will perform a literature review*, then draw conclusions from this information, and hypothesize** how a trend in the …

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