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Investing in a liberal arts education

As the economy begins to rebound and people continue to search for jobs, much attention has been paid to the kind of college education students obtain. In particular, the argument has been made that students should focus on STEM fields rather than on the liberal arts and that the liberal arts are, if not useless, a poor investment both for individual students and for society as a whole.

In a 6 to 7-page essay, respond to that argument. Should we discourage students from investing in a liberal arts education?

This essay must:

Be at least 6 to 7 pages long, not counting your cover or works cited pages
Use Times New Roman, double spaced, font size 12, with standard 1-inch margins
Refer to a minimum of 6 sources through a combination of paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting, at least 4 of which are academic & peer-reviewed
Contain a variety of types of references, such as periodicals, books, and academic articles
Use proper APA formatting style

Please provide In-text citations

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