Symptomology, etiology and epidemiology

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Symptomology, etiology and epidemiology Instructions


Etiology vs. Epidemiology: Important Concepts in Nursing

In this unit, you examined schizophrenia spectrum disorder as well as substance-related and other addictive disorders.

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that explores schizophrenia as well as one substance-use/addictive condition. Describe symptomology, etiology, epidemiology, and at least two treatment recommendations for each.

Your PowerPoint should be eight slides (not counting the title and reference slides). Now is your chance to be creative in presentation style, including attractive fonts, backgrounds, and graphics.

In addition to your textbook, you must use a minimum of one additional scholarly source. Any information from an outside source that is used should be cited appropriately according to APA style. Please do not use the notes field in PowerPoint to expand on your ideas, but work to make the needed points on each slide in your presentation.

Epidemiology of a Chronic Disease


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