Stress from A to Z

M4 Discussion – Stress from A to Z

This discussion board has 3 parts:

Part A:
Hans Selye and Richard Lazarus have both proposed theories which explain stress. In reflecting on the theories, which do you believe is most accurate and why? Please use examples to support your statements.

Park B:
What role does the nervous system play in the physiology of stress? Please pick one stressor in your life and explain the process that your body goes through in reacting to the stressor. Please be sure to provide details to support your statements.

Part C:
Please pick a stressor and identify one effective problem-focused and one emotion-focused coping strategy to address this specific stressor. Support your response using examples and concepts from the course materials.

In your response, you should compare/contrast ideas, assess the value of theories, verify evidence, and make choices based on reasoned arguments supported by cited information from the text. Cite your sources using APA style.


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Please review the Discussion Board Rubric that will be used to assess your work.
M4 Supplemental Resources
You may be interested viewing the resources below and incorporating them into your written assignments or the discussion area. (Remember to cite any materials you use.) (Remember to cite any materials you use.)

Coping with Stress

Murdock, Nancy L.; Gore Jr., Paul A. (Sept., 2004). Stress, Coping, and Differentiation of Self: A Test of Bowen Theory. Contemporary Family Therapy: An International Journal, 26(3), p. 319-335, 17p.

“Bowen contended that the effects of stress are moderated by differentiation of self, such that high levels of stress would have more impact on individuals lower in differentiation as compared to individuals higher in differentiation in predicting dysfunction. We tested this hypothesis and also assessed the relations among stress, coping, differentiation of self, and dysfunction.”

Theories of Stress

Brewin, Chris R.; Holmes, Emily A. (May 2003). Psychological theories of posttraumatic stress disorder. Clinical Psychology Review, 23(3), p. 339-376.

“We summarize recent research on the psychological processes implicated in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as an aid to evaluating theoretical models of the disorder.”

Pain Syndromes

Scher, A. I.; Stewart, W. F.; Lipton, R. B. (Oct., 2006). The Comorbidity of Headache With Other Pain Syndromes. Headache: The Journal of Head & Face Pain, 46(9), 1416-1423.

“Possible reasons and supporting evidence for the comorbidity of chronic pain conditions. To simplify the discussion, we primarily focus on the epidemiology of headache with other pain conditions.”

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