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Strategic Marketing Task

BCO211 Strategic Marketing Task brief & rubrics

Assignment 1


Individual Task

Choose an organization or brand of your choice and perform a situation analysis.

Start by identifying the business’ positioning and objectives (mission, vision, and values). You are then required to use the tools and models covered in this course to perform an in-depth market analysis, marketing audit and competitive analysis identifying the key market factors (5-C’s). Identify the company or brands’ value proposition and the value exchange occurring in the market, resulting in the optimal value proposition. Evaluate the value proposition as an expression of the business positioning and objectives.

NB: Your selection of organization or brand will be followed through in assignment 2 and 3.

Your table of contents should include:

Title, executive summary, body of work, summary, references.

The task should be completed as a professional report and submitted (uploaded) in pdf format.

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