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Inherigen Carrier Screening

III. Inherigen Carrier Screening:

Here is a link to the lab result for an actual patient who had an InheriGen Plus: Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screen. Inherigen genetic test.pdf This is a test panel that is provided by some OB/GYN practices. The patient was tested during a preconception visit with a nurse practitioner. Look at the results and answer the following questions. You may wish to visit the InheriGen website for further information. Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screening

1. What is an InheriGen Plus: Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screen? What type of specimen is required for this type of test?

2. Why would it be important to know a patient’s ethnicity when interpreting a genetic test?

3. What are the patient’s results in this particular case? What is Smith-Lemli Opitz Syndrome?

4. If the patient is considering becoming pregnant would you suggest her significant other be tested with the InheriGen screen? Would you refer to a genetic counselor? Why or why not?

Last Updated on October 14, 2021

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