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The Individual Essay is worth 30 marks and has a maximum word limit of 2000 words.
Students are expected to use at least8 scholarly references.
Scholarly references generally include refereed journal articles and academic books/chapters.
The objective is to produce a piece of individually written work that is organised in a logical and coherent manner, addresses the essay question in a focused and concise way and uses scholarly reference to support and substantiate your argument.
The 2,000 word limit for this essay includes tables, diagrams and appendices.


There are opposing views within the strategic HRM literature regarding the relationship between HR practices and sustainable competitive advantage of a firm. Some argue that certain HR practice(s) themselves create sustained competitive advantage while others argue that what is more important is the match between HR practices and other organizational/environmental factors. Review and describe the two positions briefly and then articulate which argument you feel is more valid than the other.

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