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Strategic Competitiveness

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Strategic Competitiveness




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McDonald’s is among the fast-food restaurants, which are on the top globally. Their franchise model is a significant one, which is also utilized by different chains of fast foods in addition to them spreading globally. McDonald’s globalization strategy is one that adapts to cultures that are diverse all over the world. Technology has played the role of enhancing productivity and helping in running an efficient operation. Forming a strategy that will be used in evaluating the external surroundings ensures that the organization is ahead of competition-wise (Atinkut et al., 2018).


McDonald’s business model is considered to be the industry’s standard for running franchise restaurants. Their capability of adapting to a diverse consumer market has also contributed to their success. It is a restaurant that operates within various cultures that have different consumer bases globally. The firm’s global growth strategy is to focus basically on having the consumer experience enhanced as well as the financial targets for shareholder return. Their main objective is elevating customers’ experience in bringing the clients back and making them loyal, depending on the customer service, which is exceptional.


Technology-wise, McDonald’s is considered to have significantly advanced. The new stores are upgraded with style touch screen kiosks that have interactive menus. Consumers have their orders placed at the kiosk while an employee serves the food at the consumer’s table. The technology aspect makes it possible for consumers to place orders before coming and curbing side pick-ups. McDonald’s is trying to make an impact on the experience of food delivery for its consumers. Social medial is also very important as it helps in the process of reaching out to consumers both abroad as well as locally. The firm is very cautious with the information they gather from their clients and makes use of the data to create a trustworthy relationship with their clients.

The model which is industrial based

Industrial based model is an analytical device utilized by organizations in determining the most suitable industry. Within a worldwide market, McDonald’s is supposed to find regions that have a necessity and a supporting consumer base, which can warrant a new branch. The firm is also meant to consider the various available restaurants in addition to ensuring that the clientele base available is capable of supporting the competition. Afterward, there is a need to create a strategy that suits the operating region, putting into consideration issues like culture, economic, and local customs conditions. This follows the search for staff and management, which is reliable and having employees getting trained on the appropriate skills. The final stage is implementing the strategy, which indicates a new will be able to operate in a region that was vetted and researched appropriately to suit their industry.

The model which is resource-based

The resource-based model assumes that an organization’s resource uniqueness, in addition to its abilities, is the strategy’s basis and the firms’ ability to earn returns above average. McDonald’s is advantaged as it has a robust supplier network and makes it durable. Their suppliers globally are consistent since their purchases are in large quantities; additionally, their asset is cheap, which makes them have a competitive edge—McDonald’s benefits from their abilities as well as the competitive advantage within the franchise model. Chains of fast foods utilize the firm’s franchise model as their templates; their use of technology in streamlining the process has made the job to be as smooth as well as quick in a possible way. McDonald’s is a huge brand within the market because it chose a market that is excellent in addition to ensuring the economic conditions were appropriate in supporting the store (McDonald, 2018).


The firm does not have a vision statement in place; however, my opinion is that the firm’s view has been encompassed within its values. These includes, leadership which is responsible, inclusive of local integration in addition to progressiveness, it not only leads in profits as well as sales, having sustainable in addition to sourcing which is humane, having emissions reduced from agriculture, being inclusive in the workplace, the world as well as putting into considerations of all cultures. Their values involve being progressive through global strategies implementation that have been installed to elevate them to the following level and integrate them into the local culture without harmful disruption.


McDonald’s values and Mission statement is McDonald’s brand mission is becoming our consumers’ favorite place and a way to drink and eat. Our firm’s global operations tend to be in alignment with a globally identified strategy as a plan to win; it focuses on exceptional customer experience – products, people, place, promotion, and price. We are continuously committed to enhancing our consumer’s experience in addition to having our operations improved. The firm has its global strategy encompassed within its mission statement by concentrating on the people and the consumer experience and making the most suitable (Reuter et al., 2019).


McDonald’s stakeholders are in four classifications: customers, employees, communities, and investors. Employees’ stake includes training goals, fair wages in addition to career goals. These are addressed through having training programs which are vigorous, education assistance in addition to a Hamburger University. Consumers’ interests as stakeholders include food choices which are healthy, affordable as well as good. Despite knowing that their food is not the healthiest, the firm complies with general regulations concerning calorie content transparency, ingredients to assist consumers in making decisions which are informed. Investors’ interest is on making profits meaning their main objective is making money. They have achieved this in addition to the firm having growth and expansion, which is steady. Communities as stakeholders benefit from the firm’s support through the programs and outreach house, among other programs.


McDonald’s is not the number one fast-food company globally; however, it is at number two with daily growth and expansion. It is crucial to clearly understand that when an organization is making billions of dollars yearly, improvement room is always available through the creation of environmental analysis in finding the appropriate industry as well as the location which is in a position to have the industry supported fully. As long as McDonald follows the planning which is strategic in addition to being formed for success as well as concentrating on the mission statements, it will continue earning returns which are above average in addition to having success as well as globalization which is fruitful at the same time they will be spreading globally, (Shabbir, 2018).


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