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Stages of moral development

No. 1                   Our Weiss textbook in Chapter 2 offers a brief summary of Kohlberg’s three levels (six stages) of moral development.  You may recollect these from your undergraduate psychology courses.

The central point for business is that Kohlberg’s work offers a way to observe behavior (level of moral maturity) in our world of business transactions.

Recall that developmental theorists equate growth to stages in life and that this movement is not prescribed (having a set timeline) but that movement from one stage to another is sequential (one must travel through stage A to reach stage B and so on).According to Kohlberg, few of us reach Level 3, Stage 6 (acting right according to universal principles of justice and rights).

Question 1 – Was Kohlberg right?

Question 2 – Do you agree with his stages of moral development?

Question 3 – If few of us can (will) reach Level 3, Stage 6, why is this so?

Remember that there are is no right answer a DT.  This is your opportunity to contribute to the collective knowledge of the class, just as you would if we were in a classroom.

Your thoughts matter. No. 2Proposed research topic & rough outlineUse this discussion forum to post your proposed research topic and rough outline and to get and give feedback to and from your classmates.

Remember that this is a proposed research topic; you may change your mind later but I want you to begin parsing options and sketching out your research.

When you read the proposed topics and rough outlines, be candid in your feedback; something more useful than “good topic”, “I look forward to reading your paper”, or whatever.  Help your classmates avoid pitfalls that you see in their selection of a topic, gaps in their rough outlines, etc.

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