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After some discussion and research in class, students are to identify and investigate a trend, development or current issue in Business and Enterprise. Students must identify, select, analyse, and evaluate primary and secondary resources of information about the trend, development or issue and make recommendations based on their findings. Examples have been discussed in class; however, students are encouraged to develop their own investigations based on areas of interest concerning the South Australian or Australian business environments.  Students must ensure that they have approval from the subject teacher regarding the issue they are researching.


This study is to be written as a business report and needs to include the following:

  • an introductory statement outlining the trend, development or issue (executive summary)
  • a summary of the investigation process undertaken
  • an analysis, synthesis, and an evaluation of primary and secondary sources of information (main headings)
  • justified conclusions and recommendations (last main heading)
  • appropriate acknowledgement of sources (bibliography, correct referencing in the report itself, use of appendices)

Students should use a range of resources including – interviews, surveys, observations, media articles, internet and text based. All sources need to be acknowledged in accordance with SACE and Blackfriars Priory School guidelines. Students are to present their work in correct report template and are encouraged to incorporate tables, diagrams and graphs.

Learning Requirements

Students need to demonstrate:

  • An understanding and explanation of business structures, including those of small business in a global environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of the relationship between business theory and practice
  • Analysis and evaluation of the factors involved in current trends, opportunities, and key issues affecting business and enterprise
  • Use of conventions, vocabulary, and terminology appropriate to business and enterprise
  • Application of knowledge and understanding of relevant business ideas, concepts and practices

Note – Refer over page for the Table of Performance Standards that will explain how the assessment task is graded.

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