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SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

Please use Software: SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

Create the E/R model of the database you are going to build. The more variety the better grade. (All kinds of relationships, associative entities, weak entities, multivalued attributes…).

Scan the diagram in a file or build the diagram in word or other text processing program.(ER file)

Create the database model in another file and keep it. (Database model file)

Normalize all the tables to the Boyce-Codd Normal form and explain the process (Normalization file).

Create a database called Yang_Zhao.

Create the tables in the SQL Server program with SQL commands

Create the diagram of the database Model in SQL Server.

Insert an average of 10 records per table as long as the model allows it.

Try to retrieve data from the database.

Include the original info(excel file). In other words, how the data would look if no relational model is created. (Redundancy file)

Create non-clustered indexes in columns that are subject to be used in the where clauses.

When database is finished , back it up to a file called Yang_Zhao.bak

Collect the E/R file, database model file, normalization file, redundancy file and the bak file and zip it into one file called

When the above work is finished, please give me the ZIP file first, and then do the following work.

Develop a Graphic Java or Python Application that connects to the database you create and performs selects inserts updates and deletes to the tables through the Application.

Hint: For Java create a JQuery. Object and use the graphical objects (fields) . Make sure you have the JDBC driver well configured in your machine.


You can refer to this book and the PPT.……


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