Spirituality and Stress

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  1. Watch the trailer for the documentary, “Room to Breathe.” (provided in the Week 7 content area).
  2. Watch one or more of the clips of cast members from the documentary.
  3. Review this Mindful-Schools-Study-Highlights.pdf on the results of a research study on how children were impacted by the program, “Mindful Schools,” which is featured in the documentary film.
  4. Review Mindful School’s web page describing relevant research.
  5. Create a main post that addresses the following:
  • Share your impressions of the information shared in the trailer and in the research article.
  • Describe how this type of intervention could be implemented for adults. Choose one adult population (adults with mental illness, depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, adults who are imprisoned, have chronic illness, are burned out, for example). Be specific about how you would implement it and the effects that you would expect to see afterward. Cite information from at least one research study that supports your expectations.
  • Support your ideas with academic, peer-reviewed sources, such as your readings for the week and/or the sources mentioned in the instructions for this assignment.

Your post should be at least 150 words in length and must include citations for the research study that you reviewed. Please use APA citation style (in-text citations and full references provided in a list at the bottom of your post).


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