A Virtual Encounter with Mental Illness

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A Virtual Encounter with Mental Illness Reflective Assignment

Being able to effectively assess and plan interventions for people who are struggling with various psychiatric diagnoses is an essential skill of the professional nurse. This project gives the student the opportunity to learn from a variety of individuals with mental illness.

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While there are several videos, they are all relatively short in duration (5min to 30 min). In all the total viewing time is approximately 2.5 hours. As you watch, consider the role of nurse in patient encounters. Whether or not you choose to work in psychiatric nursing, you will have patients dealing with mental illness. Please follow the instructions carefully.


Review ALL of the TED Talks for “The Struggle of Mental Health” at https://www.ted.com/playlists/175/the_struggle_of_mental_health

  1. Andrew Solomon, Depression, the secret we share: solomon depression the secret we share?ref errer=playlist-the_struggle of mental health
  2. Sangu Delle, There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health: htt u delle there _s no shame in takin care of Iry ur mental health?referrer—playlist-the_struggle_of mental_health
  3. Melissa Walker, Art can heal PTSD’s invisible wounds: https://www.ted.comitalksimelissa_walker_art_can_heal_ptsd_s_invisibie_wound s?referrer—-playlist-the_struggle of mental health
  4. Jeremy Forbes, How to start a conversation about suicide: https://www.ted.comitaIksijeremy_forbes_how_to_start_a_conversation_about_su icide?referrer=playlist-the_struggle_ of mental health

5_ Kevin Brea, Confessions of a depressed comic: depressed_comic?refer rer=playlist-the_stniggle_of mental health

  1. Essam Daod, How we can bring mental health support to refugees: https://www.ted.comitalksiessarn_daod_how_we_can_br i 11 g inental_health_supp ort_to_refugees?referrer—playlist-the_struggle_of mental_health
  2. Sherwin Nuland, How electroshock therapy changed me: and how electroshock therapy changed me?referret—playlist-the_stmggle_of mental_health
  3. Eleanor Longden, The voices in my head: longden the voices in my head?referrer=pla vlist-the struggle of mental health
  4. Elyn Saks, A tale of mental illness-from the inside: https.//www.ted.com/talks/el g_tale of en illness from the iside? referrer=playlist-the struggle of mental health
  5. JD Schramm, Break the silence for suicide attempt survivors: schramm break the silence for suicide attempt s urvivors?referrer=playlist-the struggle of mental health
  6. Kevin Briggs, The bridge between suicide and life: briggs the bridge between suicide_antlife?re fener=playlist-the struggle of mental health
  7. Hector Garcia: We train soldiers for war. Let’s train them to come home, too: htt ://www.t ni/tave train n soldiers for war let s train themjo come home too?referrer=playlist-the struggle of mental health
  • Review “Amy’s Mental Health Recovery Story” at
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  • As you watch each of the videos, take brief notes on key points or major “take-aways” for you. What stood out to you the most?
  • Considering the videos as a whole and the struggle of mental illness, what will be your role be as a nurse? Support your point with credible evidence.
  • Being honest, what is your most significant barrier in relating to or dealing with patients with mental illness?


  1. Provide written responses to all of the items as described in the analysis section above;

2. Written report should follow APA format (typed, double-spaced, 1 inch margins) and provide any references used for the assignment (textbook, etc.);

3. Report should be two (2) pages in length and submitted on a Word document via the Dropbox.

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