Speech assignment

  1. (worth 1 point each, 10 points total)

For each of the statements below, circle the anatomic term that best completes the statement.


  1. The nose is inferior/superior to the lips.
  2. When the mouth is closed the lips are anterior/posterior to the front teeth.
  3. The tail of quadruped (walks on all four legs) animals is located at the rostral/caudal
  4. The external ear is medial/lateral to the inner ear.
  5. The clownfish in my aquarium have very colorful ventral/dorsal
  6. The dermal epithelial tissue (i.e., skin) is superficial/deep to the internal organs.
  7. The brain and spinal cord are part of the central/peripheral nervous system.
  8. The wrist is proximal/distal to the fingers and thumb.
  9. In the anatomic position, the thumb is lateral/medial to the pinky.
  10. The belly button is located on the ventral/dorsal surface of the body.


  1. (worth 1 point each, 9 points total)

For each description listed below, identify the anatomic plane that best fits the description. A few descriptors may identify more than one anatomic plane.

 Anatomic Planes
DescriptionFrontal (Coronal)SagittalTransverse
Cross-sectional division   
Longitudinal division   
Vertical division   
Horizontal division   
Divides the body into right and left halves   
Divides the body into anterior and posterior halves   
Divides the body into upper and lower halves   



  1. (worth 6 points)

Place into order the density of connective tissue, from most to least dense.

__________             Adipose

__________             Areolar

__________             Bone

__________             Cartilage

__________             Ligaments

__________             Tendons

  1. True or False. If false, correct the statement so that it reads true. (worth 2 points each, 8 points total)
a.Ligaments attach muscle to bone and/or muscle to other muscles.TrueFalse
b.Fascia separates and covers muscle fibers to form functional units.TrueFalse
c.Tendons attach bone to bone.TrueFalse
d.Tendons attach cartilage to cartilage and/or bone to cartilage.TrueFalse



  1. Fill in the blanks. (worth 2 point each, 6 points total)

Fill in the blanks below with the correct type of cartilage (Hyaline, Elastic, Fibrous) so that each statement reads true.

  1. ____________________ cartilage supports the production of sound and is found in the epiglottis and ear canals.
  2. ____________________ cartilage is composed of a dense network of collagenous fiber and forms the intervertebral discs.
  3. ____________________ cartilage covers the articular surfaces of joints and forms the framework of the lower respiratory tract.


  1. Short answer. (worth 5 points)

In your own words, what is homeostasis? What would happen if a body system were not in homeostasis?




  1. Multiple choice. (worth 3 points)

The dense connective tissue composed of broad tendinous sheets that is found in the abdomen and soft palate is called ____________________ tissue.

  1. adipose
  2. anastomose
  3. aponeurosis
  4. areolar


  1. (worth 2 points each, 6 points total)

For each description below, circle the correct functional classification of joints.

a.Freely movable, like a kneeamphiarthrodialdiarthrodialsynarthrodial
b.Immovable, like the skull bonesamphiarthrodialdiarthrodialsynarthrodial
c.Slightly movable or yielding, like the hip bonesamphiarthrodialdiarthrodialsynarthrodial


  1. True or False. If false, please correct the statement so that it reads true. All statements refer to muscle tissue. (worth 2 points each, 8 points total)
a.Striated muscle fibers are found in muscles controlling involuntary movements.TrueFalse
b.Cardiac muscle is composed of both smooth and striated muscle fibers.TrueFalse
c.An antagonist is a muscle that is directly responsible for producing the desired movement.TrueFalse
d.An agonist is a muscle that suppresses undesired movement or action.TrueFalse



  1. Fill in the blanks. (worth 2 points each, 4 points total)

In each statement below, fill in the blank with the correct term (origin or insertion) that makes each statement true.

  1. In the extremities, the muscle at the point of ____________________ is most distal and moves the structure acted upon.
  2. In the extremities, the muscle at the point of ____________________ is most proximal and forms the attachment that is fixed or engages in the lesser movement.



  1. (worth 2 points each, 12 points total)

Muscle names are quite descriptive. For each muscle name listed below, determine the type of information contained in its name. Each descriptor is used only once. Descriptors include attachments (origin–insertion), function, general form, geometric shape, location in body, and number of heads at origin.

  1. Triceps ________________________________________________
  2. Tensor palatini ________________________________________________
  3. Triangularis ________________________________________________
  4. Serratus ________________________________________________
  5. Subclavius ________________________________________________
  6. Sternocleidomastoid ________________________________________________


  1. Multiple choice. (worth 3 points)

A highly organized mass of protoplasm which possesses life is called a _____________.

  1. cell
  2. organ
  3. system
  4. tissue





  1. Short answer. (worth 5 points)

How are osteoblasts and osteoclasts similar? How are they different? What is the function of each type of cells?




  1. The cell is a microcosm of the body because it meets five (5) requirements of all living things. Name these 5 requirements. (Worth 5 points total)
  2. ___________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________
  6. ___________________________________________________________________
  1. (worth 2 points each, 10 points total)

For each figure below, choose the correct term that best describes it.




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