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Software for Business Final Assessment


The individual assignment contains 3 computational questions based on the excel file called “FINAL ASSESSMENT DATASET” that must be solved using spreadsheet software, and 2 written (open) questions that evaluate application of theory. Each question counts a 20% of the assignment.

This task has 2 PARTS:

  • PART 1: In the computational part, you are asked to apply the calculations and knowledge of spreadsheets studied in class to the scenarios provided.
  • PART 2: In the written part, refer to the theory studied in class and provide examples to support your points.

You must create and submit two files:

  • EXCEL file with your workings of part 1
  • WORD file with your explanations and graphs of part 1 and part 2

You must upload the two files via Turn-it-in. Save your documents with the filename: FINALxxxx (where xxxx is your last name).

Part 1:

  1. What is highest profit in each region? Create a graph to prove it.
  2. Demonstrate what hour of the day is the one with higher revenues. Create a graph to prove it.
  3. Find the final amount accumulated investing for 5 years the total revenue of the region with the highest revenue paid with PayPal, at an annual interest of 9% compounded monthly. Create a formula to calculate it.

Part 2:

The diagram below shows the processes involved in the acquisition of goods for Mercury Company.

  1. Describe the IT software that might be used to check the stock at the Storehouse by this young company. Explain the software and the method to use it.
  2. Enumerate and describe the main challenges Mercury Company might face when implementing an ERP. Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of this implementation.

Learning Outcome 1: demonstrate a working level and familiarity with practical spreadsheet software formulae.

Learning Outcome 2: identify and describe how companies are able to accurately measure corresponding IT infrastructures to suit their own needs and purposes.

Learning Outcome 3: understand the impact Word Processing software platforms have on a business’s overall profitability and success.

Learning Outcome 4: illustrate an awareness of how spreadsheet software optimizes business operations.

Last Updated on July 12, 2021

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