Data Mining Project using RapidMiner or Tableau Software

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Complete the question 3 & 4 found in the attachment.

Primary Assignment Tasks

You are required to answer the following questions listed below. You are required to provide relevant screenshots, where applicable, as part of the answer:

3.1. Business Understanding (10%)

1.Define the Business Problem and Business Objectives for this project.

3.2. Data Understanding (15%)

2.Import the given dataset into RapidMiner using the ‘Read Excel’ and ‘Store’ operator by starting a new process. Note: Use the ‘Import Configuration Wizard’.

3.Use the ‘Retrieve’ operator to load the dataset and run the process and comment on the results to identify any issues.

3.3. Data Preparation (20%)

4.Proceed to use the necessary operator(s) to fix the issues identified in Task


5.Use an operator to remove attribute(s) that you think will not be a good predictor. Support your decision with strong justifications.

6.Set the necessary role using an appropriate operator for the attribute that you will need to predict.

3.4. Modelling (35%)

7.In this step we will need split the dataset into two different sets, one for training the model and the other for testing the model. Use ‘Split Data’ operator to do the split. In your own words, explain why there is a need for this step to be done and explain your selection of data for the split.

8.Add the predictive operator, ‘Decision Tree’ into the process model. Note: Please do not use any validation operator for this task.

9.Test the accuracy of the process model using the necessary operator(s).

3.5. Evaluation (20%)

10.Evaluate the performance of the model describing in detail every part of the confusion matrix.

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11.Evaluate the Decision Tree results and make any recommendations to the Sales & Marketing Director.


Secondary Assignment Tasks

Personally, based on what you have completed in Paragraph 3 above, you are required to identify ONE (1) additional attribute that contributed to those who have left SingaTel, likely to leave soon, and why. You are not required to repeat all the steps in Paragraph 3. Also, highlight this additional attribute in your Churn Analysis report.


1.Submit on PolyMall the following (in softcopy):

  • RapidMiner process files with the extension ‘.rmp’ and ‘.properties’
  • Project Document which contains the written answers and screenshots


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