Socrates in the Apology

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According to Socrates in the Apology, the Oracle at Delphi must have pronounced that no one is wiser than he because, unlike those he questioned on his ‘quest’, Socrates possesses a very specific kind of wisdom. Explain precisely what makes Socrates wise, how this is wisdom, and why it is necessary when it comes to living the good life.

How does this relate to Socrates’ claim that “the unexamined life is not worth living” and that we tend to care least about what we should care most about? Why then is the only thing that Socrates professes to teach is that “it is the greatest good to ‘discuss virtue daily” and how does this relate to his claim that in teaching others how to care for truth, he provides an invaluable service to the Athenian democracy? Link for the dialogue

Some important note:

Socrate believes that the life worth living is excellence live.

When Oracle said that no one is wiser than Socrate.

Socrates was confused and he said how I am wisest even I don’t know anything.

He decided to look around and ask some people to test the statement.

He went first to politicians because they have a high reputation of wisdom, but he discover that the least wizdom between people.

Then, he went for poets and he discover that they don’t have knowledge. they just make image.

After that, he went to craft people the least reputation of wisdom. He find that they have knowledge but they think they know a lot of in other area.

Socrates found that, people who have knowledge, they have ignorance ( luck of knowledge) of ignorance.

Socrates is the wisest because he aware of his ignorance. This type of knowledge helps to find your weakness and learn to improve your self.

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