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Socially Conscious Business Case Study

Socially Conscious Business Case Study

Assume that you work in a medium-sized company that wishes to become more socially conscious.  Your supervisor, Sahra Omar, has asked you and your colleagues to interview an organization or a person who is engaged in social justice work.  The goal of the interview is to make a recommendation to your supervisor about possible business connections to the social justice work you have investigated.   Would connections with the person or organization you interviewed be a good option for a business that wishes to become more socially conscious?

You should identify a person or a group (who works for social justice) to interview.  You should prepare professional questions that lead to understanding the social justice work of the person or group.Informational interviews are a wonderful way to learn more about a topic from someone who is an expert in their field.  You should leave the interview with a clear idea of what the problem is that the organization is addressing, how they are addressing this problem, and what other people can do in their daily lives to help the cause of this organization.  You will then write a formal email to your case study supervisor, recommending a course of action in regard to her request to find ways for the organization to become more socially conscious.

Process for this Project:

  1. Choose someone or some group who works for social justice to interview. If you do not know someone, then consider contacting someone by phone or email from one of the following organizations:
  2. You may interview in person, on social media. by phone, by Google-Hang-Outs or Skype, by Google Chats or via email. Here is more info. for you on formal interviews (
  3. Here are some interview questions to get you started:
    • What is the social justice problem that you are addressing?
    • How do you advocate for solutions to the social justice problem?
    • What role does resistance have in your social justice work—do you ever refuse to participate?
    • What advice do you have for people who want to help the cause of this organization?

(You should have a total of 10 questions ready, even if you do not use all of


  1. Write a formal email to your supervisor, assessing how feasible or important it would be for your business to connect with the social justice person/group that you interviewed. Inform your supervisor of the work of the person or organization that you interviewed and use persuasive language to advocate for your position on whether this would be a good group for your business to connect with or not.   This email should be drafted, revised, and edited in Word (then copied and pasted into the email), should be no more than 200 words, should be formally addressed to Ms. Omar, and clearly written with ZERO grammar errors.  For more information on writing formal emails, see:

Socially Conscious Business Case Study

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