Social problems video and response questions

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Must read the chapters A Tale of Two Crises: America and the American Black Perspective by Robert L. Lattimer

How Will We Pay? Planning For the Unknown: With a Little Help From Our Friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older by Beth Baker

Global Aging: Adaption is the Key by Jane Skobie

Must reference from the book and make citations(page numbers)

Also must comment on 2 other students’ posts of atleast 150 words

1.In western culture, we seem to value young people as opposed to our aging populations. Why is this so? Are we concerned about taking care of the older populations? Are you surprised the aging population is a global concern?

Were you surprised about age discrimination against teens?

  1. Do subtler forms of racism means we have made progress or are we cementing new obstacles for people of color in terms of being treated fairly in society?


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