Sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorders

During the course of treatment, a client stated that he has been unable to sleep successfully for the past year. His psychiatrist prescribed the sleep aid zolpidem. Because of the medication, he was immediately able to sleep. However, after 1 month of treatment, the client discovered euphoric episodes that occur if he resists falling asleep. The episodes induced waves of positive emotions and hallucinations, which he described as feeling ?trippy.? The counselor recognized that the client is abusing the sleep aid. How should the counselor address this issue? How will this affect his current treatment plan?

For this Discussion, consider the major concerns regarding treatment of sleep disorders, including concerns for special populations. Then, consider the level of involvement the counselor would expect with the health care treatment team. Finally, consider the role of the counselor in treatment of sleep disorders.

Choose one of the following controversies involving special client populations:

Psychiatrists prescribing a potentially addictive sleep aid to adolescents

Psychiatrists prescribing sleep aids to clients in recovery from substance abuse

Psychiatrists prescribing sleep aids for conditions where the primary symptom is not insomnia

Post by Day 4 a thorough explanation of the controversy you selected. Formulate a position on the topic and support your stance with current scholarly articles

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