Develop 3 well written paragraphs for EACH question along with references in APA format.

  1. What do you see as the difference between “action oriented” vs “process oriented” in terms of psychotherapeutic interventions. Which is most appropriate for use in crisis and why?
  2. Children and adolescents react differently to crisis. Identify what these differences are and how would you go about assessing for crisis in each of these age groups.



Marsha is a 32-year-old client that you are seeing for the first time. She presents unkempt in appearance and says “I don’t usually look like this but I haven’t slept.” Her eye contact is poor, she sits with her head down, and wrings her hands.

Client history includes childhood trauma sustained from her stepfather. Suicide attempt at age 12 and ongoing treatment through age 17 with varied response to medications.

Marsha was previously seen one time 6 weeks ago and was treated at that time by another clinician who is no longer at the agency. Client records indicate that she had sought treatment for panic and insomnia, she had not been on medications for several years prior to the intake date and had been started on the follow medications:  Lexapro 10mg, mirtazapine 15mg, melatonin 5mg, and Risperdal 2mg.

Marsha reports that she has not been sleeping and feeling more anxious than before she started taking the medications. She relates that she has stopped all the medicine but is having a hard time coping. She reports she is not able to sleep and is anxious all of the time with increasing bouts of panic which has increased over the last week. She reports that she had been helped in the past by a medication that starts with a “k”.

Towards the end of the session you become aware of a bandage around her left arm. When she is asked about the bandage she offers this information. “We don’t live in the best place. Last week our house was broke into by a man with a knife…I was finally able to push him out the door but he cut me with the knife…I was so scared for my kids and me…We have everything packed up in boxes and are trying to find someplace else to go.”



Based on this case study respond to the following questions:

  1. Provide a thorough list of the pertinent information/data from the assessment in each paragraph.
  2. What would you identify as the top 2 key treatment issues for this client?
  3. What would be appropriate treatment options to pursue both psychopharmacological as well as psychotherapeutic to address the 2 top problems for this client.
  4. Outline your responses and support with 2 evidence based articles.

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